Happy Belated Oktoberfest!

October is quickly coming to an end and in honor of this gorgeous, fall month I wanted to share my longing desire to visit Oktoberfest in my favorite European city – Munich, Germany. Although Oktoberfest is celebrated at the end of the month of September and early October, it is during a time when the leaves start falling, the weather cools and the sweaters and scarves come out.

Three years ago I visited the Bavarian city and immediately fell in love. The small town feel, dedicated locals, heavy beer drinkers and delicious food won me over. My first visit was three weeks away from Oktoberfest. I left bummed knowing that in just a few weeks the city would be prepared for one of the largest festivals in the world. However, this past spring I was fortunate to live abroad for three months, and during my travels I made a stop back in my favorite, small German town. Coincidentally, I happened to be visiting during Springfest – the spring version of Oktoberfest.

Springfest was a blast and I was overwhelmed by the large crowds, lederhosen outfits and the amount of liters of beer waitresses could hold in one hand – minimum of 10 at a time. While I was drinking and eating with friends I had made, I could not help but look around and wonder how this all gets put together. Some Bavarian locals explained to me that Springfest does not even compare in size to the fall festival – my jaw dropped.

I could not fathom the amount of time, energy, money and planning that gets put into these events. I read an article from Forbes.com about How to Do it Right and the craziness that goes into arranging this giant celebration. My experiences with event planning do not even scratch the surface in comparison to how much it takes to plan. Oktoberfest lasts for 16 days and provides more than just beer halls and food tents, but rides, games and more. Talk about too many cooks in the kitchen! Where do you even begin?

It would be amazing to work with a team to help plan an event such as Oktoberfest. Although it sounds like it would cause a major headache, I absolutely love organizing, delegating, making lists and putting together a successful event – no matter the size. Last year was the 200th anniversary of the famous fest so clearly they know what they are doing over there, if only I could be a fly on the wall to see how these experts get it done.

Auf wiedersehen.


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Simple Guide to Event Social Marketing

Check out this slide about Social Events on Social Media and Event Marketing. There are great tips and information on how social media can help improve your event – before, during and after.

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Facebook Beyond Comments & Photo Sharing

People underestimate how much Facebook can actually do for them. While for most people my age it is a site to share photos, post comments one each others walls and”like” our statuses, Facebook has many other uses that are underrated. prTini posted a link to a Mashable post about “7 Ways to Improve your Event Planning with Facebook”. As a college student and aspiring event planner, I found this post extremely informative.

Facebook icon

Heather Whaling, writer/creator of prTini, says, “From professional event producers to volunteer committee members, event planners see Facebook as must-have tool in their belts”.  Facebook’s event pages can serve as a tool in multiple ways when planning, promoting or brainstorming an event. Through Facebook, one can create a public event in order to promote the event, while at the same time create a private event to use as a message board for all the planners and committee members.

Heather’s list shares the various ways you can utilize Facebook events. For example, #2 Stay Connected – I have used closed Facebook event pages in order to communicate with my team during an event about various meeting times, tasks, advice, etc. It allows planners to converse together rather through separate emails back and forth – leaving room to possibly leave someone out. #4 Increase Attendance says, “According to recent Eventbrite data, 10% of those purchasing tickets through Eventbrite share the event on Facebook”. On event pages, administrators can market ticket sales and even offer special deals for “like”-ing the Facebook page. If someone is organizing an event on a college campus, for instance, targeting students – offering incentives through Facebook will boost ticket sales.

I utilize events pages for multiple reasons and after reading Heather’s post, I now have more reasons to use them while planning special events. Play around with Facebook events, find ways it can help you!

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Help! I Need Inspriation.

There is not a day that goes by where at some moment something or someone inspires me. Whether it is an inspiration to have a better day, to get my homework done, to try something new or whatever it may be, we are all constantly surrounded by the opportunity to be motivated. However, I am not going to lie, the inspiration is not always obvious.

In a recent blog post from the Event Manager Blog, it touched on this topic quite a bit – specific for “event marketing inspiration”. As soon as I began reading the article I found myself nodding my head in complete agreement on the feel of having no creativity come to mind when trying to market an event. That brain fart, tip of your tongue feeling where you just can’t seem to find the ideas you need to get the ball rolling. Unfortunately, this is an issue when you have a big event coming up that you need to promote.

When I find myself in these situations, I bombard my brain with horrible, tacky ideas that I just can’t seem to get rid of. Luckily, my favorite blog provided a list of “10 Resources for Event Marketing Inspiration”.  The suggestion that really caught my eye was #2 Flyers and Invites Collections. The area where I lack the creativity is always in design – flyers, brochures, logos, invitations, etc. Flyer Inspiration provides the desgin that you need to get these flyers out! There is no time to waste before an event, the publicizing needs to happen, asap. What would we do without graphic designers?

If you are stuck without inspiration, don’t fret. There are options out there for us, to take the weight of our shoulders. Don’t be afraid to research and find resources to help give you that boost you need.

I have decided to share with you my most recent inspiration. It is not related to event marketing, however I wanted to share it because I love knowing what inspires other people in their day-to-day lives. The song is titled “Carey” by Joni Mitchell – my mom’s favorite artist. Her lyrics are unique and graceful.




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Time to Re-Prioritize Your Plan of Events

Times are changing and the world of Journalism has gone/is going through major transformations. Social media has taken over all aspects of our society and if an individual or business has not tapped into it, they will fall behind.

It is extremely important to adapt to these adjustments, for with these new tools – provided by the internet – it takes the playing field to a much wider audience. For event planners, specifically, the ability to reach out to our audiences has expanded with the help of social media.

The Event Manager Blog – aka the event planner’s Bible – posted an article titled, “Why your Event Needs to Start Online”, explaining the re-assortment of how to plan an event. Typically, when an event is being planned – traditional concept – marketing the event would come last on the to-do list.

However, with the rise of social media, planners need to start promoting their events right away -Julius Solaris, author of the blog, calls this a “contaminated concept”. A great aspect of social media is that people find out information the moment it occurs; hence why event planners need to create the event and promote immediately; rather than planning everything out and then publicizing.

Viewers love knowing what is going on at every moment of the day. If an individual is planning an event, it will be influential to make sure online event promotion is the first task to accomplish. This will allow room for mass exposure. The blog post shares a list of successful stories to exemplify how social media made a difference.

Social media is ubiquitous. It may seem intimidating, but understanding its purpose and what it can do for you will help you find success. Utilizing these sites from the get-go will give you a head start against your competitors.

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The Travel Bug

Traveling is extremely important, in my opinion at least. Growing up, my family would take at least one trip every summer to a destination we had never visited before. When I was younger I did not see the significance in seeing other parts of the country and other nations; however, now that I am a bit older and wiser (I  like to think), I am appreciative and forever grateful for the opportunities my parents have provided me.

Today, I read a blog post from culpwrit, a public relations blog, about “Tips for Those Pursuing an International Career” and I want to share it because Mark Bain’s simply-put explanation on how great of an experience it is/would be to travel for a career is exactly what I would imagine working abroad would be like. To be able to work for an American company, but in other parts of the world would be a dream come true – Disney would be my preference.

Bain explained, Arguably, I’ve learned more through these experiences than I did in college, because residing abroad permits deep immersion into different cultures and systems – experience you can’t duplicate in the cocoon of a four-star hotel, with all its comforts from home.”

This past spring term, I was fortunate to study abroad in London, England. Although London is an English speaking country, its culture has significant differences from the United States and I learned much more than I expected. I could not be happier with my decision to study abroad in the United Kingdom because it gave me a better understanding of how the UK functions -monarchy, kissing on the cheek, tea time, riding the “tube”, etc.

From my experiences as a traveler, I have absorbed new and unique characteristics about certain places and learned more about different cultures, people and perspectives from different parts of the world. Traveling to another country – whether for business, school or pleasure – is an adventure that is unexplainable until you have experienced it yourself.  I agree with Bain’s comment about how the things you learn through traveling, you cannot be taught in college. Going out to places and seeing sites, communicating with the people, eating the food, etc will teach your more about a country or region than any professor or textbook can explain.

Hopefully, sometime in the future, I can work abroad and continue learning about the world. Once I started to value traveling, I became addicted. I cannot get enough of it and I look forward to my next destination; Until then I will suffer from the travel bug.

Photo courtesy of abdallahh.

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Tickle my fancy

Public Relations (PR) is hard to define; however that’s what I love about it. There are numerous outlets to what a public relations practitioner does and for me, special events planning sparks a particular interest. As a senior Journalism: Public Relations student at the University of Oregon, it is crucial to submerge myself with news and information on the field of work I hope to someday work in – special events planning.

My objective for this blog is to explore the importance of planning events for organizations and incorporate how social media plays a large role throughout the process.  My interest in event planning intertwines with public relations and it is my goal to show the importance of having special events for organizations.  I have little experience with blogging, but I hope throughout the term I am able to grow and learn about the blog-sphere, while educating readers on this topic.

I am a member of Allen Hall Public Relations, a student-run public relations firm, where I gain general knowledge and experience in the public relations realm by working closely with local businesses in Eugene. As well, I have interned for a Wedding and Special Events company, Intertwined. Working for Intertwined, I was able to understand how much detail and organization goes into planning, as well as how public relations has a presence throughout the planning process.

I am young and still learning, however in the spring I will graduate and quickly face reality with the rest of the world. In the mean time I hope to enjoy my time, while still challenging myself and learn as much as I can these last three quarters. My dad always told me to “work really hard, but remember to always have fun”.  It is my goal to find a happy balance between getting my life together while enjoying this last year of college – hopefully!


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